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Hospice Care was founded on the belief that health care improves when people receive care closer to home — their preferred location. And the same it is true for hospice care as we believe hospice is about much more than end-of-life care; it is about living and making the most of the truly meaningful moments.

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Inpatient hospice care is provided in the patient’s home community but may also be provided in assisted-living or nursing home communities. When given the choice seven in ten Americans express a desire to die at home.

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Palliative Care is a subset of hospice care that focuses on comfort and quality of life. It is intended to alleviate symptoms while also providing necessary support for spiritual and emotional needs. All hospice care is categorized as palliative care. Certain program allow for the authorization of palliative care prior to a patient meeting the Hospice Service criteria.

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Melodia Care provides personalized healthcare planning through a modern strategy and a collaborative process for people with long-term health conditions. Personalized care is an effective way to identify and discuss problems caused or related to a patient’s condition and develop a plan to counter them.

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End-of-life care services provide physical and emotional support to people who are nearing the end of their lives due to a terminal illness. Caregivers provide aid to your loved one while also providing support to your family during this tough time.

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Music is an incredibly potent form of art that has a long and illustrious history of playing a role in numerous forms of healing and overall wellness. Due to music’s ability to transcend cultural, linguistic and societal barriers, it has the potential to promote overall wellness.

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Physical therapy is a rising trend in hospice care because it can help patients maximize their functional skills and help them move around in their environment safely. Compared to primary physical therapy, physical treatment for hospice patients focuses on comfort in end of life for their physical problems.

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    The 4 Levels of Hospice Care

    Hospice Care at Home

    Intensive Comfort Care

    Inpatient Care

    Respite Care