Hospice Care At Home

Hospice is a system and approach that provides care by: giving comfort and support, relieving the physical, emotional and spiritual suffering in doing so promoting the dignity of terminally ill patients and their family members. Indeed, it is a blessing for terminally ill patients and their families, making them spend the end-of-life period peacefully and comfortably.

Hospice services with end-of-life care are devoted anywhere the patient wants or is needed according to the patient’s condition and preferences. Most commonly, the services are delivered at hospitals, nursing homes, patient’s homes or a family member’s residence. Therefore, you need to know that hospice is not a place; it is a philosophy of care that can be given anywhere to a life-limiting patient.

When To Opt Home As Your Hospice Place?

When To Opt Home As Your Hospice Place

If you are wondering when you should opt home as your hospice place, then here are a few of the situations:

  • You are always afraid of going to hospitals and hate being hospitalized
  • Staying at a hospital makes you feel suffocated and anxious
  • You love being surrounded by your friends and family during your illness because their presence makes you happy
  • You have a desire to be in your own home till your final day
  • You have a family to help you with your hospice plan
  • You don’t want to leave this world in a hospital or a nursing facility
  • Your condition is not that unstable that a hospital would be a necessity for you

If you fit into the above category, you should prefer going for an end-of-life care plan at home, not in a nursing facility or hospital.

Because at this stage of your life, if you are a terminally ill patient, what really matters are your wishes and preferences. But if you are someone who is looking for hospice care for your loved one, even then, you should give importance to the patient’s consent. You need to understand that now you have to surrender yourself in front of your patient’s wants and preferences to make them happy and satisfied. You have to focus on giving them the end-of-life care at their comfort and convenience level.

However, apart from all this, if you have a family who can look over the patient thoroughly with utmost care and responsibility, opting for hospice care at home would not be difficult. Otherwise, it would be complicated to provide hospice care at home.

Limitations For Opting For Hospice Care At Home?

Limitations For Opting For Hospice Care At Home

There are few circumstances, which can become a limitation for you in choosing hospice care at your home. Some of them are as follows:

You are alone during your life-limiting illness, and you don’t have anyone in your friends and family to give you primary care at home. Although health professionals of Melodia Care would be timely present to deal with your issues, family members are still mandatory for being the primary caregiver and supervising the hospice arrangements at your home.

Few terminal illnesses have complex symptoms and conditions that cannot be handled at home. Qualified health professionals and high tech health facilities like ICUs and ventilators could be needed to deal with any acute emergency throughout the day.

The family is unable to access emotional and physical resources to tackle daily. They might live at a geographical distance or cannot follow the hospice care plan because they aren’t efficient enough.

You are financially unstable in paying for the additional charges beyond the insurance plan coverage, making it expensive for you to bear the expenditure.

Advantages For Melodia Care’s Hospice Care At home

  • 24/7 helpline service is available for accessing resources of Melodia Care for patients and their families who are getting hospice care at home
  • You can get our hospice care team at your service, including the physician, nurse, nursing aide, social worker, chaplain and counselor for routine home care to make sure you are provided with comfort and care at your home
  • Your attending care provider arranges delivery for all types of medical supplies and equipment at your home, including a hospital bed, bedside commode, nebulizer and any necessary medications.
  • Our team will always be there at every step to guide you in dealing with different problems and hurdles.
  • Respite care can be given for up to five days to the caregivers so they can have a short break from their continuous care giving duties. In this way, family members can have rest or can do other important things.
  • In addition to medical equipment and medications, social services, spiritual care, religious support, volunteer visits and bereavement counseling is also a part of hospice care at home
  • Special music therapy sessions, physical therapy and other therapies are provided at home to increase physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional comfort.

Goals Of Hospice Care At Home

Goals Of Hospice Care At Home

We have a set goal for all our terminally-ill patients to make them feel safe in the hands of Melodia Care’s Hospice Care. We ensure to provide the maximum quality of care and comfort to patients and their families nearing the end of life. The main purpose of giving hospice care at home is to make families and patients come close to each other at such a crucial time of their lives. They both can focus on bringing up the old memories and laugh together instead of worrying about the medical care.

Melodia Care aims to reduce the suffering and burden of such patients and families in order to keep them pleased and gratified by closely reviewing care at every stage by our Hospice Care Team. Especially by providing qualified spiritual and psychological counselors who can restore their emotional and mental health.

What To Do When A Medical Crisis Of Patient Arises?

Two types of protocols can be offered for a patient by Melodia Care under any medical crisis: continuous home care and general inpatient care.

In case of any emergency, you can call us to reach us as soon as possible. Suppose if we find that the medical crisis can be handled at home. In that case, our nurse will stay for an extended period to give symptomatic treatments and helping the patient dealing with pain, breathing problems, restlessness and other issues.  Our nurse will be in close communication with our hospice physician and family members to manage the patient’s medical crisis. This protocol is said to be continuous home care.

On the other hand, if the condition seems to become more critical, our physician or nurse will prefer to go for general inpatient care because this is the advanced level of care we provide. In no time, we will transfer the patient to a facility of inpatient care to control the severity of the disease.

Anyhow, if you feel yourself the need to end hospice care at home and go for an inpatient setup, you are always welcome. Because we firmly believe in providing the best quality of comfort and care according to the patient’s and their family’s wishes and convenience. We give our best in fulfilling your needs and make your end-of-life journey more comfortable and relaxing.

You can reach us at any time by contacting us through our 24/7 online customer support chat or by calling 1-888 635-6347 (MELODI-7) & Melodia Care Hospice.