(FAQs) About Paying For Hospice

99% of hospice patients have no out-of-pocket expenses. Medicare bears the cost as part of Medicare hospice benefits. Get answers to frequently asked questions about paying for end-of-life services below.

Mostly the hospice cost is paid by the government insurance programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare pays 100% but Medicaid, private insurances and veteran benefits also contribute to paying for hospice care.

The coverage of insurance is dependent on the eligibility criteria and every program has different qualifications for it. To check your coverage, you need to have a look at its eligibility standard.

Most patients do not have to pay for hospice care. Government programs like Medicare & Medicaid are responsible for paying. If you don’t fit into their qualifying category then veteran’s benefits or private insurance can be utilized. Even if this isn’t available, hospice itself can offer you free services from their funds, charities, etc.

Yes, you can. Hospice is a system that works for the well-being of the patients. Even if you cannot afford it, hospice can provide care and comfort without charges or based on the sliding scale. The sliding scale is a fee structure range assigned for individuals’ convenience according to their income sources and ability to pay.

No, you will not lose Medicare coverage. Traditional Medicine covers the treatment that doesn’t deal with a terminal illness. The insurance for hospice care is entirely different and is not proportional to your Traditional Medicare coverage

Yes, you can keep both. HMO will tackle your basic treatment but hospice will deal with your end-of-life care plan.

No, Melodia Care hospice offers a free consultation for all patients.

How Melodia Care Can Help?

When someone is terminally ill, family members and loved ones need to communicate with each other in order to make the best end-of-life care decisions.

To help you start that conversation, we’ve made this guide, filled with questions, conversation topics and issues that will help your family know what to expect.