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Something New To Hospice

When it comes to hospice or palliative care, our goal is to bring something new to the table which improves patient care and bring comfort to the patients. In addition to exceptional conventional palliative and hospice care, we’re focused on delivering new therapies specifically designed to ease symptoms and bring peace to the minds of those with life-limiting diseases, illnesses, or conditions. For us, this goes beyond providing comfort and support – it’s all about easing pain through a new approach. At Melodia Hospice, we’re offering a new kind of hospice care.


Music Therapy

Since the dawn of mankind, it’s been known that human beings intuitively respond to music, rhythm, and melody … Learn more


Conventional Care Plus

At Melodia Hospice, we don’t just provide conventional care – we provide Conventional Care Plus. Our innovative and … Learn more


On Demand Nurses

At Melodia Hospice, everything that we do is rooted in technology. In order to continue to meet the demands of … Learn more


Artificial Intelligence

For much of what we do, artificial intelligence plays a major role in our care plan. In addition to status updates for care … Learn more


The Melodia Basic Tools

We’ve developed a number of our own proprietary technologies that help us offer better, more personalized care for … Learn more


Our Promise To You

Each and every day, we strive to offer nothing less than the absolute best care and support within the entire hospice … Learn more

At Melodia Hospice we’re offering

A new kind of hospice care

Bringing Music & Melody To The Forefront
It’s All About The Harmony
Support Where It Matters Most
What Is Hospice Care?
Our Approach To Hospice Care
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At the very top of the list, we’re focused on delivering compassion in everything that we do. Whether it be working with our patients, meeting with caregivers, providing therapy, or simply saying hello, our job isn’t to become jaded, disconnected, or disinterested – our job is to remain by the sides of our patients and their guardians until we are no longer needed.


We’re proud of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Each and every day, we stand by our innovative and conventional care models, and we remain confident in our abilities to extend our care far beyond the general conventions of today’s healthcare industry. For us, it’s about bringing innovation to the table to ensure that our patients receive the very best care.


When it comes to our patients, we’re always 100% transparent with our approach to their care. We frequently invite guardians and caregivers to come and pay us a visit, so that they can learn all about everything that we have to offer. Nothing is ever kept secret, because when it comes to a human life, they have a universal right to know everything that goes into the care.

About Melodia Hospice

Located in Fremont, California

Why Melodia?

music, rhythm, melody, and harmonies

At Melodia Hospice we’re firm believers that music has a magical effect on our lives. It’s no secret that human beings intuitively respond to music, rhythm, melody, and harmonies, but as it turns out, not only do we respond to these things, we also react to them.

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Our Mission

Reflecting the Best of Humanity

At Melodia Hospice, our mission is simple – we’re looking to offer the most innovative form of hospice and palliative care in the industry, with an intense focus on innovative forms of therapy that positively impact the perceptions of our patients.

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Our Vision

more than just another hospice agency

We like to envision ourselves as more than just another hospice agency. In our minds, we’re bringing a new form of hospice care to the table for caregivers, guardians, and patients. We’re interested in everything that today’s conventional care and

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Remember, we’re here for you

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Remember, we’re here for you

If you’re interested in enrolling your loved one at Melodia Hospice, please connect with us today to learn more about our services, so that you can determine if Melodia Hospice is the right choice for your loved one to receive the peace of mind that they deserve.

Live Musicians

Bring That Feeling of Nostalgia

One of the best ways to achieve that inner peace and harmony is to dive deep into the world of nostalgia. Humanbeings enjoy feeling nostalgic because it returns them to a period of time that they truly enjoyed – typically, it involves a memory, a sound, a smell, or an image that has stuck with them throughout their whole life, even if it was subconsciously.

Our live musician program brings a live performance of the songs that our patients love right into their bedrooms. Imagine seeing an artist perform just for you, right from the comfort of your own room – at Melodia Hospice, this is reality.

Through our live musician program, we seek to understand the ways in which nostalgia plays a role in a patient’s overall mental state, while also ensuring that each unique experience brings them back to his or her glorious past and serves as the perfect pacifier for them – as nostalgia often does.

Whether it be jazz, classical music, rhythm and blues, soul, or even religious music, we always have a lineup of performers ready to take our patients back to another, simpler, more comforting period of time.

A memory

A sound

A smell

An image

Supporting Our Patients

Facilities@ Melodia Care


Monitor 5 parameters

Together, these metrics provide us with a complete PEACE Score.

Through the use of easy to use sensors and patient or guardian input, we work to collect and monitor 5 key parameters in our patients’ experience at their residence.

  • P – Pain
  • E – Emesis
  • A – Anxiety
  • C – Constipation
  • E – Excessive Secretion
It’s Not Just About Supporting Our Patients

It’s About Supporting Their Guardians Too