The Hospice Care Team

With prime focus on facilitating patients having life-limiting illnesses and their loved ones, a specialized  hospice team at Melodia includes a whole spectrum of care providers that include nurses, social workers, doctors, physicians, chaplains as well as bereavement specialists.Outside of normal operating hours, Melodia operates a 24/7 advanced.

Telemedicine service where clinical staff at Melodia is available to answer any questions that caregivers may have and if required, can also dispatch a nurse or support staff.

At Melodia, our physicians understand that life-limiting illnesses are a reality that we face everyday but our job is to facilitate an improved quality of life through better pain and anxiety management. Physical and spiritual upheaval of patients is outmost priority and it reflects in everything we do.

“At Melodia, maintaining dignity and the comfort of patients near the end of life is our outmost priority and I am happy to play that pivotal role in the lives of my patients”, says Julia a hospice nurse.

Rabia who manages all matters relating to logistics and working in the capacity of a inpatient hospice team says that, “Each and everyone of one has a well planned job descriptions and try to execute it near to perfection”.
Hospice and Holistic Therapies12

Arrangement of services and helping families in filling out any necessary paperwork comes under the responsibilities of the licensed medical social workers working at Melodia who are well equipped with the training and experience in the end-of-life care.

“At Melodia, no two days are same in the life of hospice Chaplain”, says Jonathan, “Somedays, it just means being present and other days it is somewhat difficult in trying to explain the inevitable”.

Looking forward to Hospice Care? Download our comprehensive Guide for Family Discussions

We have found that communication among family members is vital for end-of-life care planning for your love one with life limiting illnesses.

The purpose of this guide is to help with the conversation that your family needs to make, the questions that may arise, the topics that need discussion and setting the expectation from your hospice care provider.