When It Is Time For Hospice?

Something that we have found common amongst physicians, nurses, caregivers, and even hospice patients and their families is a sentiment expressed that they wished that they chosen to go with hospice care sooner than later. If you find yourself considering hospice care then you can be sure that you require one.
Numerous studies done in the field of   hospice care have come to the conclusion that early adoption of hospice care can result in a much improved experience towards end-of-life care amongst patients with life limiting illnesses with easing of symptom management and reduced anxiety, depression and fatigue.


Some of the questions that when answered, would help you in establishing when it is the right time to consider reaching out to a hospice for a thorough evaluation.


Here we go in depth about the therapies being followed by many renowned hospices around the US which also includes Melodia. These therapies play a pivotal role in complementing the much needed emotional and spiritual care for patients and their families.


If you find yourself discussing the need for a hospice care, Melodia can offer a guide into what needs to be discussed with our family discussion guide.  Download and print it to start the much needed conversation.


So do you feel ready for the hospice care? Reading through the hospice checklist would help you or your loved one preparing for the hospice.


Since hospice care is a major healthcare decision. We at Melodia bring together patients, families, and healthcare providers in this important decision making.

Going through a life limiting illness is tough, but at Melodia, our doctors doctor welcome the opportunity to talk about your wishes regarding the end-of-life care and where hospice care can help you.


Pursuing hospice care or choosing to fight till the end with an aggressive treatment. We enable you to make the choice.


Hospice doesn’t mean giving up hope as it is wrongly perceived. At Melodia, we continuously strive to prove these misconceptions untrue.


Pursuing hospice care or choosing to fight till the end with an aggressive treatment. We enable you to make the choice.

Looking forward to Hospice Care? Download our comprehensive Guide for Family Discussions

We have found that communication among family members is vital for end-of-life care planning for your love one with life limiting illnesses.

The purpose of this guide is to help with the conversation that your family needs to make, the questions that may arise, the topics that need discussion and setting the expectation from your hospice care provider.