End-Of-Life Care Planning

It can’t be argued that talking about end-of-life care is never easy. Having said that, we all have notions on what our cared and treatment should look like for time leading up to our eventual demise.
We have found that in order to facilitate easy decision making by your family or the healthcare team at a hospice; ensuring your end-of-life wishes are honored through an advance directive, we strongly suggest  that a legal document be formulated that dictates the type of care you wish to receive at the end of your life from family members and healthcare providers, in case you are incapacitated or unable to make a decision for yourself. This will also contribute towards defining and following of core wishes regarding your life limiting illness.


In order to provide a clear pathway for your end-of-life healthcare, we suggest making a living will which serves as an advanced directive if your find yourself seriously ill. Read more about the importance of discussion with your families so that your end-of-life wishes are honored.


It can’t be denied that although important, talking about end-of-life is not easy. Learn more from Melodia guides on the discussions you need to have about the end-of-life.

Hospice Require You to Sign

Melodia doesn’t require you to sign a DNR before admittance while some hospices do require the consent. Gain an understanding of what DNRs mean for hospice patients.


When it comes to end-of-life care in pediatrics, we have found out that attitude adjustment remain the biggest challenge. A comprehensive assessment by physicians specializing in pediatrics is vitally important before start of any treatment.

Considering Hospice Care? Download Our Free Hospice Discussion Guide For Families.

When someone is terminally ill, family members and loved ones need to communicate with each other in order to make the best end-of-life care decisions.

To help you start that conversation, we’ve made this guide, filled with questions, conversation topics and issues that will help your family know what to expect.