A pre-loaded application that is user-intuitive and easy to use

The Melodia Basic Tools

We’ve developed a number of our own proprietary technologies that help us offer better, more personalized care for each of our patients – we call these technologies, the Melodia Basic Tools.

These tools include a personal device that includes a pre-loaded application that is user-intuitive and easy to use so that our patients can easily listen to their favorite music whenever they want. We provide specially curated music to each patient using artificial intelligence technologies so that their selection seamlessly aligns with their moods and PEACE Scores.

The app also includes audio, video, chat, and call-me-back features to ensure that every patient always has on-demand communication with care providers. The device also connects with state-of-the-art sensors to help collect vital information for all patients, so that our care providers always have a window into the health of each patient.


Next-Generation Audio

Because music therapy is a major part of what we do, we’re been sure to include next-generation audio capabilities and cutting-edge sound systems in all of our residences, so that our patients can truly enjoy the experience of “being there” with every listen. The Melodia Basic Tools includes a next-generation audio system that seamlessly connects with the personal device to make listening easy.

Quick View Schedules

The dedicated application for each personal device includes a quick view schedule, so that patients and care givers or guardians can easily view when visits from nurses, volunteers, musicians, or any other care providers might be scheduled.


Through the application and the personal device, patients’ PEACE Score is constantly monitored by our staff, and we even provide patients, care givers, and guardians with a user-portal that allows them to take a closer look at their loved one’s current PEACE Score, in addition their PEACE Score history to help analyze their stability.