What is Palliative Care?

Whether young or old, we all have been recipients of palliative care in one form or another. At Melodia, we have formulated the resources that will help you determine if palliative care is the right option for you moving forward in context of your current medical condition.


While most of us have experienced palliative care and medicine, it is primarily focused around management of pain, relief of symptoms and comfort provision.


As we explained earlier that palliative care is for anyone needing relief of pain and associated symptoms whereas, hospice care is care system designed for patients with life expectancy of 6 months or less. Learn more about these differences here.

Hospice and Holistic Therapies12

In order to reduce the stress and burden on caregivers, Melodia offers its help in providing comfort to seriously ill patients. Learn more about the differences we can make here.


The objective of Palliative care is to focus on reliving symptoms whether they are emotional, physical or even mental. Palliative care can reduce and relieve physical, mental and emotional symptoms. Learn more about how cancer patients are helped through palliative care here.


Some of the primary question about the nature of palliative care and the associated costs may arise once your physician suggests it. Learn more about it here.

How MELODIA Can Help

When someone is terminally ill, family members and loved ones need to communicate with each other in order to make the best end-of-life care decisions.

To help you start that conversation, we’ve made this guide, filled with questions, conversation topics and issues that will help your family know what to expect.