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While improvement in quality care provision for our patients and residents remains at the core of what we do at Melodia, we do all that is required to relieve symptoms of members experiencing advanced illnesses. With our unmatched experience in care for patients with complex diseases; pain and symptoms management is our utmost priority.
Catering to the ever so changing demands in advanced patient care, we at Melodia have upheld our reputation to be amongst the best in healthcare provision for patients with life limiting illnesses. While the patient care remains at the heart of what we do at Melodia, our focus is also to provide support to families both moral and spiritual upheaval.

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MELODIA Advantage: 24/7/365 Clinical care Support

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“Words cannot express our thanks for all your care, kind words and support. We never doubted the decisions or care our loved one received from staff at Melodia Care.”
“Thank you so much for the opportunity we had to bring mom home. She was so happy to do that. Thanks also for all the support you gave us and words of encouragement.”