Personalized Care Plans By Condition

The experience of a person diagnosed with cancer or heart disease is very different from that of a person with Alzheimer’s disease or a person with lung disease. At Melodia, we tailor hospice care plans (including clinical care and support services) to meet the unique symptoms and social and emotional needs that may accompany each specific condition or disease.


Considering the slow decline of ALS patients over several months or years, it may be challenging for families to determine when the appropriate time to end life care support.

Your hospice team will evaluates the condition of people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s and update the care plan based on symptoms and changes in the state on daily basis.


Improvement in quality of life is something that we focus of when it comes to treating patients with cancer in their final days. Melodia helps you decide the appropriate time to to take up hospice care.


Once the patients step away from curative treatment, Melodia is there to help with the impacts heart diseases bring to patients and their loved ones.


Reliving of symptoms in patient’s suffering from HIV/AIDS is at the core of what we aim at Melodia which also includes taking measures to reduce anxiety, pain management and spiritual upheaval for patients and their families.


Stepping away from dialysis doesn’t have to mean stepping away from comfort and support you deserve. Melodia can help when you decide to discontinue hospitalization and end medical support.

Hospice and Holistic Therapies12

When the symptoms have progressed it is high time to consider looking into hospice care for your loved one. Melodia has programs in place to help you make the right decision.


Once the curative treatment for lung diseases and pulmonary disease has stopped, it adherently affects both the patient and their families. Learn how Melodia can help.

MELODIA Benefits

Melodia’s programs catering to neurological diseases are likely to help patients and their loved ones if and when they decide to discontinue life support equipment in the face of unlikely improvement in patients healthcare.


With care that is focused around care, Melodia provides hospice care services to both adult as well as pediatric patients suffering through a variety of life threatening diseases.

nurse practitioners

Melodia offers its help when immediate attention is required in patients diagnosed with sepsis, assigning resources to facilitate hospice admissions.

How Melodia Can Help

When someone is terminally ill, family members and loved ones need to communicate with each other in order to make the best end-of-life care decisions.

To help you start that conversation, we’ve made this guide, filled with questions, conversation topics and issues that will help your family know what to expect.