Hospice Interdisciplinary Care Team

With prime focus on facilitating patients having life-limiting illnesses and their loved ones, a specialized hospice interdisciplinary care team at Melodia includes a whole spectrum of care providers that include nurses, social workers, doctors, physicians, chaplains as well as bereavement specialists.

The Hospice Physician

At Melodia, our hospice physicians understand that life-limiting illnesses are a reality that we face everyday but our job is to facilitate an improved quality of life through better pain and anxiety management. Whereas some patients might have their own preferred physician, hospice physicians work in tandem with them to plan better care options.

The Hospice Nurse

At Melodia, maintaining dignity and the comfort of patients near the end of life is our outmost priority and our hospice nurses are happy to play that pivotal role in the lives of our patients. Our skilled nurses are also proactive in teaching the caregivers and loved ones of patients on how to better take care of patients.

The Hospice Aide

In order to take care of patients day to day activities such as oral health, bathing and hygiene management, Melodia employs certified nursing assistants that serve in the position of hospice aides. These nurse aides help in lessening the burden off caregivers and family members by performing day to day chores associated with the patient’s wellbeing.

The Hospice Social Worker

Managing all matters relating to logistics and working in the capacity of a inpatient hospice team, the hospice social workers are always there to provide patients and their loved ones with the emotional and psychosocial support whenever needed. They also help in arrangements with insurance companies or planning of funerals besides other tasks. 

The Hospice Volunteer

Another integral part of the hospice interdisciplinary team are hospice volunteers that work alongside nurses and physicians for providing patients and their loved ones the companionship they need to to deal with the end-of-life issues and facilitating the care they deserve. While hospice volunteers deal with a variety of chores, they are often tasked with formulating patient’s day-to-day activity reporting and documentation.

The Hospice Chaplain

Hospice chaplains are always lending their support to patients and families to address issues relating to spiritual well being regardless of a patient’s religion or beliefs. While they always honor the cultural traditions of patients and their loved ones, they also also take into account the values they hold dear to their heart.

The Bereavement Specialist

Every patient in hospice is under the care of a hospice physician who closely monitors the progression of the patient’s illness, prescribes appropriate medications and coordinates care with other members of the team. Hospice physicians invite a patient’s preferred physician to stay as involved as they wish in the care plan. 

Regular Visits and 24-hour Telephone Support

Melodia specializes in bereavement support for the family of diseased patients that can be extended up to 12 months in the form of support groups, distress education and even one-on-one visits when needed. Experiencing the death of a loved one is never easy, luckily Melodia is there to help.Regular Visits and 24-hour Telephone Support
Provision of care and the mitigation of symptoms associated with the life limiting illnesses is a priority at Melodia and our hospice team members are these to make sure that patients under their care are comfortable and able to maintain a better quality of life. Melodia arranges visits at patient’s point of care whether that is an assisted living facility or even a private residency.
The number of visits vary in accordance to the patients, however, a typical patient may expect up to 4-5 visits a week. The core objective behind these visits is the monitoring and management of pain associated with symptoms while providing health & nutritional advice and addressing the need for emotional and spiritual support where needed. A certain amount of time is also spent my the hospice team in training the caregivers and family members for a better provision of care to the patient.
For times when a hospice team member is not available for visit, Melodia provides 24/7 telecare services for both caregivers and clinicals to answer any questions or even dispatching a member of the hospice team for bedside assistance is needed.

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