Emotional And Spiritual Care

In our quest to ensure betterment in quality of life for patients with life limiting illnesses, Melodia tends to surround patients and their loved ones with a complete spectrum of analeptic services leading to more options for patient’s healthcare. Working alongside Physicians and Nurses, our volunteers are constantly there to provide comfort through different care services programs which includes music therapy as well as pets care. Hospice chaplains are always lending their support to patients and families to address issues relating to spiritual well being regardless of a patient’s religion or beliefs. Melodia also specializes in bereavement support for the family of diseased patients that can be extended up to 12 months in the form of support groups, distress education and even one-on-one visits when needed.


With gratitude to the service our veterans have provided to the nation, their unique needs are well addressed at Melodia.

medical directors

With an interdicipliniary team that is well trained to respect patient’s beliefs and values, Melodia caters to the needs of both practicing and non-practicing patients.


If you or your loved one is a patient of Melodia and are interested in using one of these holistic therapies, such as music therapy it can result in much improved care provision.


With a support that covers therapies including both emotional and pastoral care, Melodia hospice team includes a chaplain who helps patients and families through non-medical issues and challenges.


Many pet owners serve as volunteers at Melodia to offer pet care program that help towards engaging patients and their families towards a more positive outlook of life.

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